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Redraw RanKiriShin :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 0 0 30DOTPC #02 KiriRan Cuddling Somewhere :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 0 0 30DOTPC #01 KiriRan Holding Hand :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 3 0 Mixed Takiyashamaru :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 0 0 Chiaki as Hyougo Suigun Member :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 1 3 KiriRan Please think of me as a zeny :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 0 0 HPBD to ME :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 0 0 Manami kun, chikai! :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 1 0 Lend me Sakamichi kun :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 1 1 Manami Sangaku :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 2 1 Gakkari :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 3 1 Maki chan~ :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 1 0 Tsukiuta: Yoru and You :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 1 0
Mature content
Fanart Rikuo and Kazahaya :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 0 0
OC: Leon and Zero senpai Kiss :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 0 2 OC: Ohina Modern Style :iconstupidasxce:stupidasxce 0 0
please take a look and feel free to leave a comment :D Thank you~!


HANNIBAL: Love Triangle :iconringreen:RinGreen 958 102
60 poses theme challenge
this seems like a really awesome challenge and i think it will help me a lot now that i'm back into drawing! everyone should try this!!
60 Pose theme
For the artists who want to do pose practices and studies.
Try to draw full body.
Try different angles on each poses.
You may include environments around the characters, but keep the main focus on the character.
Fanart/Original art either is fine.
1~50 is One character, 51~60 is with Two characters.
1. Standing
2. Walking
3. Running
4. Falling
5. Tripping
6. Slipping
7. Falling on the butt.
8. Holding the head
9. Sitting with legs crossed.
10. Crouching
11. On their knees
12. Hugging their knees
13. Hands/Knees/Head on the ground(Deep apology pose).
14. Bowing
15. Salute
16. Looking up
17. Laying on the back
18. Laying on the stomach
19. On tiptoes
20. Hands and Legs spread apart.
21. Arms crossed
22. Climbing up
23. Climbing down
24. Hanging
25. Jumping
26. Landing
:iconrissarooxoxo:RissaRooxoxo 1,030 69
30 Day OTP Challenge LIST ! ! ! !
:star:On the following days, draw/write your OTP:
:bulletgreen:01 - Holding hands
:bulletgreen:02 - Cuddling somewhere
[Bullet; Green]03 - Gaming/watching a movie
[Bullet; Green]04 - On a date
[Bullet; Green]05 - Kissing
[Bullet; Green]06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes
[Bullet; Green]07 - Cosplaying
[Bullet; Green]08 - Shopping
[Bullet; Green]09 - Hanging out with friends
[Bullet; Green]10 - With animal ears
[Bullet; Green]11 - Wearing kigurumis     Kigurumi
[Bullet; Green]12 - Making out
[Bullet; Green]13 - Eating icecream
[Bullet; Green]14 - Genderswapped
[Bullet; Green]15 - In a different clothing style (Visual Kei, gyaru, lolita, ect. )
[Bullet; Green]16 - During their morning ritual(s)
[Bullet; Green]17 - Spooning
[Bullet; Green]18 - Doing something together (this can be anything from watching tv to having sex.  Just remember to tag appropriately.
:icon30dayotpchallenge:30DayOTPChallenge 11,236 4,102
Natsume Yuujinchou :iconshumijin:Shumijin 1,424 147 natsume yuujinchou :iconkite-mitiko:Kite-Mitiko 536 31 natsume yuujinchou 4 :iconkl-chan:KL-chan 1,960 172 Natsume Yuujinchou :iconeliz7:eliz7 254 11 Natsume Yuujinchou :iconiya-chen:iya-chen 2,157 151 Natsume Yuujinchou :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 1,444 53 Natsume Yuujinchou: Safe :iconlancha:Lancha 1,469 61 Natsume :iconriichuu:Riichuu 3,824 176 Natsume Yuujinchou :iconj-b0x:j-b0x 1,047 66 Natsume Yuujinchou :icongoku-no-baka:goku-no-baka 4,292 193 Natsume Yuujinchou :iconzxs1103:zxs1103 1,074 48 6927 :iconsnackage:snackage 532 37 kagehina kiss chu :iconflarefyre:Flarefyre 896 20



:iconkay-xp-j14: :iconshiranai-atsune: :iconerinrocks122: :iconsicatablet: :iconyuuki-hisagi: :iconsouchiakira: :iconkai-san3: :iconaiko-tan: :iconinekjaffar: :iconluffy-is-my-uke-club: :iconhxhlxlhxh: :iconasukawati: :iconarfyness: :icontercenya: :iconk4rasu: :iconshiroi-kishi:


Redraw RanKiriShin
Everytime I see the three of them, I always got an urge to draw them and I did~! 
I got trouble with Shinbee. I don't know how should I redraw him with my style.
Sorry not a scanned fanart.


stupidasxce's Profile Picture
I don't know what to write... but it looks weird to see the latest journal is new year greeting from last year and now is September 2014 already. XD So here you go~ Since June, I watched One Piece again and it got me addicted~ I also watch this season's anime. My #1 favorite is Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. I wonder if the anime will last long or just 12 episodes. I hope it'll be long... Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is an anime that can't stop me laughing. A really funny one. I first knew it from the manga, a 4-koma manga. The manga is totally funny too XD But there isn't any continuation yet? :(

Next month will be the month of Yowamushi Pedal 2nd season! The last day of the interhigh. I guess this season will be a short one. Maybe around 12 or 24 episodes. You see, the 1st season had 38 episode which have opening, internal race, interhigh until D-2. The manga itself hasn't finish the D-1. So maybe the 2nd season will have D-3 of interhigh and internal race for new regular player, and if possible the D-1 of interhigh. Who knows? XD
I should write about this on my blog. LOL



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